How To Reduces The Excessive Sweating Using The Iontophoresis Treatment


If you are suffering from excess sweating, then it is essential to look for the most efficient way to reduce the sweating. There are many ways one can reduce the sweating, but the most effective one is going through Iontophoresis cure. The treatment is effective to treat both the hands and feet excessive sweating. It is a proven way of relieving yourself of the stress of sweating.

The treatment is initiated by introducing a weak electric current into the body’s sweat glands on their feet or hands to prevent them from producing sweat for a certain period which may last for few weeks. A gadget itself generates the electric current, and the current is conducted to your hands or feet using a shallow tray of water.


The process is safe as it does not present any danger to the person receiving the Malaysia treatment. The electrical energy is weak and cannot harm the patient. It is important to take on this treatment as the machine is capable of stopping your sweating for some weeks allowing you to handle documents or other important things without worrying of your sweat interfering with them.

The treatment is an easy process as it starts with you placing your hands or feet in the shallow trays of water. The iontophoresis machine is then connected to the shallow trays of water to induce the weak electric current. You are supposed to leave your hands or feet on the machine for about 20 minutes when the current is activated. It is advisable to take on this treatment on a daily basis until all your sweating stops if you are planning to have the cure for the first time. You will note a reduction of excessive sweating after the five to ten sweaty palms iontophoresis treatments. Some people with severe cases of sweating takes a little more time to solve their issues, but the condition will still come to an end if they remain persistent in their treatment.

It is essential to move to the maintenance program of wellness once the treatment has stopped all the sweating for a continued dry hands and feet. Make sure that you can receive the iontophoresis treatment after three to four weeks for an effective result. The iontophoresis device is available in the market hence the need to look for one if you are suffering from excessive sweating. Ensure that you purchase your gadget from a reputable dealer to get a sound machine. To read more about the benefits of Iontophoresis treatment machine, go to

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